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We the Democrats of Shelby County, Iowa, proudly welcome you to our website.  Stay for awhile.  Read our blog.  You won't be bored!  We are but one county out of 99 in Iowa, but we aim to be heard and recognized both here in our own neighborhood and in neighborhoods throughout the country and the world.  West central Iowa is our home, and for awhile now the political trend in our backyard has been toward that other party, putting Democrats in this area into a red wilderness of sorts.  No more!  We are the party of Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  We are the party of United States Senator Tom Harkin.  We are the party of Iowa Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal.  We claim a proud Democratic heritage, and we plant our flag upon it.
That heritage is a legacy of landmark legislation--Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Healthcare Act.  That heritage is a covenant with the American people, a covenant that says to the American people, "We are with you!  We will stand by you!  We will not abandon you!"  That is the mantra of the Democratic Party, and we here in Shelby County stand ready to do our part in delivering that message to everyone not just in Shelby County, Iowa, but to all the world.
Within our site you will find a Biography section that will acquaint you with our office holders and candidates.  Check them out.  They are a dedicated group of individuals who give their time, talent and energy to help others.  Our Events section will keep you informed about important meetings and happenings coming up in our area.  Our Links section is a treasure trove of useful sites involving political commentary, current news and events, helpful information about governmental programs, science and technology, agriculture, and entertainment.  Our media center aims to connect you with the world beyond your home so that you can hear and see what others are saying about the current state of affairs in our country.  Included in the center will be a link to the President's weekly internet address.  Finally, our blog will offer opinions about the current political world from the viewpoint of Shelby County Democrats.  It's the centerpiece of our site.  You may not always agree with what is stated in the blog, but that's not the goal.  The goal is to add to our political dialog--to create a civil discourse that can help to illuminate our times.
Please join us in this venture.  Put us in your Favorites folder.  Stop by now and then and see what's happening in Shelby County.  We are Democrats.  We are proud of who we are and what we believe in.  We stand against those forces that seek to undo the heritage that our forebears worked so hard to build.  Now that we have a voice, we shall be be heard!
David Gaul
Shelby County Democratic Party Co-Chair

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