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Jubilation has seized Republicans!   Excitement has them in a frenzy!  Orgasmic joy has gripped their hearts!  The latest jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has them singing the Hallelujah Chorus!  Only 69,000 jobs were created in the month of May.  What does that mean if you're a Republican?  It's time to party and offer sacrifices to the corporate gods. 

After the report's release, any Republican within spitting distance of a microphone took the opportunity to rip into President Obama.  They could barely contain their glee as they reveled in the misfortune of those people without jobs.  There's a term for that. It's called schadenfreude, wherein you take pleasure in someone else's troubles.  Republicans excel in that. 

But where is the media?  Where's the hard-hitting journalism that used to make up the fourth estate?   When Republicans are salivating over discouraging economic reports such as the latest jobs numbers, why aren't reporters asking them this one simple question:  What are Republicans doing to create jobs?  The answer would be equally simple.  It's a phrase that my dad has been fond of using over the years.  It applies to this situation better than anything else I could think of, and it has a certain eloquence.  Again, the question is:  What are Republicans doing to create jobs?  Answer…

Not One Damn Thing.

In fact, they have done the opposite.  They have done everything thing within their power to slow the economy down.  They have sabotaged this economy at the expense of the American people.   They have opposed every kind of job creation effort that the President has proposed. 

High speed rail?  NO! 

Clean energy alternatives in the cap and trade bill?  NO!

Infrastructure spending on schools and public buildings?  NO!

Transportation infrastructure?  NO!

Veterans Jobs Corps?  NO!

And again, what have Republicans offered as an alternative?  When they haven't been busy trying to pass restrictions on abortion and women's contraceptive health care needs and cutting funding for Planned Parenthood and National Public Radio, what have they been doing to create jobs?  All together now...

Not One Damn Thing.

Burn that phrase into your conscious and sub-conscious mind.  Sear it into your brain, and after you have done that put it on brand, stick it in the fire and slap it on the forehead of every Republican.  Oh sure, they will object--the brand is hot, after all--and say their jobs program consists of cutting taxes, cutting spending and cutting regulation.  That's it.  Nothing else.  Well, you can get the biggest  chainsaw that money can buy and cut all those things until you have nothing left but twigs and kindling, and you will have created precious few jobs.

Cutting taxes?  That's the slowest way to create jobs, and folks who are out of work have already had their taxes cut by virtual of having little income.  Besides, President Obama has cut taxes for everyone.  We're living under the same tax policy now as when George W. Bush was President, except that Obama has added the payroll tax cuts.  Furthermore, the stimulus bill had tax cuts built into it for small businesses as well as for each of us.  I received two $400 tax cuts on my returns for 2009 and 2010.  Most of us did.  On a per capita basis, we are paying less tax now than at any time since the Eisenhower Administration.  Corporations are sitting on an Everest of cash.  How much more cash do they need by way of tax cuts before the magic-hiring button is triggered?  

Cutting spending?  And what does that do?  Cutting spending means shrinking government by cutting government workers.  That puts even more people on the unemployment lines from the public sector.  Furthermore, it lessens the efficiency of government.  It makes government departments less able to respond to the needs of the people.  What will happen then?  People will become more angry with government, and a vicious cycle will be created.  Of course, Republicans want this, too.

Cutting regulations?  How many more government regulations have been added by President Obama?  And how many jobs have those regulations cost?  Let's try not to be stupid here--tough these days if you live entirely in the right-wing universe--and remember that the bulk of job losses in this recession occurred well before President Obama took office and well before any of his policies, be they job creation measures or new regulations, went into affect.  That means that the job losses happened under the Bush regulatory umbrella.  But let's put that aside.   Does any Republican have a number as to how many jobs will be created by cutting regulations?   Which regulations do they want to cut?  Ones that keep our air and water clean?  Ones that keep our workplaces safe and hazard free?  Ones that keep our cars and trucks safe?  Ones that keep our airplanes and jets from colliding with each other?  Ones that keep our food and drugs from killing us?   And after they cut all these regulations, how many jobs will be created?  Do Republicans know?  What's the real, empirical number?  Tell us, and then prove it with evidence from somebody other than John Stossel.

The best and quickest way for government to create jobs is by direct infusion of cash into enterprises that build things like roads and bridges and buildings and high speed rail lines and wind turbines and so forth.  (And I don't count the Keystone Pipeline among that group.  We don't need a pipeline to carry Canadian bitumen sludge to Texas oil refineries that already are filled to capacity with domestic oil from North Dakota and other U.S. locales.  But that's another blog article.)   Keynesian economics works, but when you fall into a hole as deep as the one we and the world fell into, you can't get out by being just a little bit Keynesian.  I remember enough from my economic classes at Iowa State University to know that.  You have to commit.  You have to spend money for as long as it takes to get out of the hole.   With the cost of borrowing so low, we can't afford not to.  Read the articles by Nobel-Prize winning economist Paul Krugman for more about this. 
Republicans now will push harder than ever before for austerity measures.  Their chainsaws are fueled up and ready to go.  The damage they could do is frightening.  We stand at a precipice.  The abyss of austerity beckons.  Europe is finding that out.  If we join them willingly, we risk the greatest depression history has ever seen.  And what would Mitt Romney and the Republicans do to get us out of that?  All together now...

Not One Damn Thing! 

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