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Sounding every bit like a candidate for student council president of a stuffy prep high school, Paul Ryan gave a speech at the Republican National Convention that was strong on lies and short on truth.  Fancying himself a reincarnation of Ronald Reagan without the Bedtime for Bonzo baggage, Ryan pummeled his audience with one deception after another.   

The good news is that I did not suffer an aneurysm during the speech, nor did I hurl any heavy objects through my TV screen.  Other than that, I may have lost a bit of enamel from my front teeth.  The bad news about this speech is that so many Americans out there in our big geography will believe the things he said. 

They will believe his lies on Medicare.  They will believe his lie about the downgrading of our credit rating because of President Obama, rather than the game of chicken his party in the House of Representative engaged in regarding the debt-ceiling debacle his tea party stalwarts initiated.  They will believe his lie that repealing the Affordable Health Care Act is somehow a good thing even though millions of people with pre-existing conditions will again be facing an uncertain future, that seniors will again sink their meager savings into the Medicare Part D donut hole, that the long-term solvency of Medicare will be shortened by eight years, that preventive health care measures for seniors and women will be eliminated and that kids on their parents' health care plans will have to fend for themselves at a much earlier age even while trying to pay off student loans that Republicans want to give back to the banks. 

Ryan's lie about the President not doing anything about jobs damn near did ended the functioning life of my televison.  It came "thatclose." Ryan and the Congress he is a part of have done nothing--zero, zilch, nada--about initiating any kind of jobs program.  Instead they have spent two years passing anti-abortion measures to outlaw abortions even in cases of rape and incest.  Further, they have repealed "Obamacare"  thirty-three times.  They have spent the remainder of their time playing chicken with important pieces of legislation like the highway bill and the farm bill. 

And how about the debt ceiling lie?  He blamed that on the President, too, saying our downgrade in our credit rating was due to the President's policies, rather than their own reckless game of chicken in the debt ceiling negotiations.  Ryan also blasted the stimulus bill even though his own state received $4,074,220,000 in grant money and even though his home town of Janesville received $31,451,296.  How many people working in construction, working in public schools kept their jobs during a period of severe economic upheaval?  His demagoguing of the stimulus flies in the face of what he said on the floor of the House of Representative back in 2002.  In the Media Center of this site I have posted a remarkable segment from the show Up with Chris Hayes wherein Ryan praised the effectiveness of economic stimulus during times of economic downturn.

What about that GM factory Ryan talked about-the one that actually closed before Barach Obama was inaugurated?  Yeah, he lied about that, too.  And he didn't mention that his new boss advised that General Motors be allowed to go bankrupt and that no government money be used to save it.  Putting that aside, however, what has Paul Ryan done to get that factory re-opened?  Has he tried?  That's part of the job of being a congressman--helping your district.  Well, Mr. Ryan, find a business and get them in there.  Oh, wait.  There's another abortion bill that needs your attention.  Never mind.

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