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Clint Eastwood?  What the hell was that?  Who was the idiot in Romney campaign who thought that was a great idea?  And to think these same people would be running the White House? 

I have been watching the political conventions of both parties since 1968.  I have never seen something as bizarre, disrespectful and demeaning as what Eastwood did.  I have always been an Eastwood fan, but I will never look on the man the same way again.  Once again, who put Eastwood at the podium?  Who put the empty chair there?  Was it scripted?  Who wrote it?  Eastwood?  Or a Romney campaign hack?  Having Eastwood play-acting to an empty chair where an imaginary Barack Obama is sitting, and then to berate and belittle the President isn't just over the top.  It's over the moon. 

And then the crowd urged him to use the iconic lines from the movie Sudden Impact, wherein Eastwood in the guise of Dirty Harry Callahan, guns down four black men robbing a coffee shop.  As Callahan stares down the last robber--an African American--he utters the lines "Go ahead!  Make my day."  In the movie the robber backs down, and the Callahan character didn't kill him.  But the image of Eastwood addressing the first African American President, represented by an empty chair, and then a few moments later recalling the scene where he gunned down four African Americans was absolutely telling as to where this Republican Party is.  The crowd ate it up.  They're a nasty bunch--and pretty darn stupid.

Romney himself marched into the hall as if he were about to give the state of the union address.  That, too, was an act of disrespect not only to the sitting President but to the office itself.  You don't get to pretend that image!  That's something that goes with the office like playing Hail to the Chief.  That's something you have to earn, and Mitt Romney has not earned the right to do that.  It was in keeping, however, with the constant theme of this convention: demean, disrepect and belittle.  What's fueling this?  The answer is obvious.

Romney himself took a strange turn at the end of his speech when he suddenly imagined himself to be Ronald Reagan, evoking the image of the evil empire when he called out Vladimir Putin.  What's Mitt want?  Another cold war?  He wants to raise defense spending by nearly $900 billion over ten years.  And Iran?  He pretty much ridiculed the idea of further talk with Iran.  I guess Mitt will be sending in the bombers his first day in office.  Something to look forward to, America!  More wars. 

Romney has the old neocons from President Bush's Administration advising him, so I guess that's where we're heading if Romney's elected--military interventions around the world.  After all, what's the point of all that defense expenditure if you're not actually going to use it?

Romney also doubled down on coal, oil, gas and nuclear power.  He said nothing about renewable energy.  I wonder if the Koch brothers will have an office next to the Oval Office?  At the same time, Romney mocked and ridiculed the very idea of global warming, making a joke about rising ocean levels, sending a signal to the world that the greatest power on Earth doesn't give a damn about something so potentially devastating to the planet.  Are we not still experiencing the greatest drought in fifty years? 

We've now heard from Ryan and Romney.  We know where these two stand.  They now lead this party officially, a party that is anti-science, anti-renewable energy and anti-intellectual.  They are, indeed, the stupid party, the vapid party--and smart people here and around the world need to fear them.  They are the Visigoths coming over the seventh hill.  They are the Vandals sacking Rome.  They are the Vikings coming ashore to inflict their will.  They are at the White House gates.

Man the gates!  People the gates!  And don't despair, Democrats.  Next week it's our turn.  Next week we get our say.  The President will knock it out of the park! 

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