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Wow.  Simply astounding.  The Democratic Party is alive and well, and on day one of the convention in Charlotte that message was delivered loud and clear by speaker after speaker.  What a contrast to the Republican convention!  Last week Republicans painted a vision of America that excludes so many, that disdains a helpful government, that says the business of America is business and nothing else.  They did this with a tone that was snide, cynical and nasty.  They treated the President of the United States and the Office that he holds with degradation, disrespect and disregard. 

Day one of our convention was quite different.  This is why I'm a Democrat.  This is why I love this Party.  This is the America that we as Democrats have known and want to see continued.  We saw tonight what is at stake in this election.  Everything that was built in the 20th century and now in this century by Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton and Barack Obama is in jeopardy.  The Republican Party Platform spells it out in cold, draconian detail.  They mean what they write.  They mean what they say.  Their platform is a blueprint for dismantling this country and turning it into something that it has never been.  On this page previously I have called them Visigoths and Vandals.  That's the tea party, and their sole agenda is to scorch and burn all that has come before and all that has helped to make America a great nation.

On day one, Duval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts, told Democrats that it was time "to grow a backbone."  Indeed.  The time for timidity is behind us.  Too many times it seems that Democrats who live in an area where Republicans seem to dominate--like Shelby County--are perfectly happy being Democrats, but they don't want other people to know they're Democrats.  They want that kept quiet.  Don't get involved.  Let someone else do that.  Don't make waves.  Grit your teeth and bear it.  Put up with it.  


The first night at the Democratic Convention should make every Democrat proud.  This is your Party.  This is you.  This is what you believe.  You know you're right.  You know that history is on your side.  Fight for your Party.  Argue for your Party.  Defend your Party.  Don't be cowed by belligerents who talk relentlessly about freedom and liberty but who don't have the slightest clue as to what those concepts really mean and entail. 

There's so much stake.  There's so much in the balance.  If Democrats fall asleep this election season, they will wake up to a very different country on November 7th--one that's cold, harsh, colorless, visionless, stark, bleak, disrespectful of intellect, disrespectful of science and devoid of character. 

With day one of our convention in the books, we saw a much different picture of what America can be painted by Duval Patrick, Julian Castro and Michele Obama.  Duval Patrick gave an incredible speech that will be long remembered in convention lore, Julian Castro held his own with an inspiring address that reminded us all that we are an immigrant nation, but First Lady Michele Obama hit a home run wherein the baseball not only left the park but is now in orbit for the rest of time.

It feels good to be inspired, but inspiration must be coupled with involvement in order to achieve anything of substance, so here's my pitch.  There's much work to be done.  Here in Shelby County we will be having a series of phone banks throughout September. We need to reach our folks.  We need to relay the messages of tonight to local voters, and for that we need your help.  Check out the Events section to get further details.  Don't be someone who gets called.  Be someone who calls!  Volunteer.  Make a difference.

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