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On Day Two of the Democratic National Convention,  former President Bill Clinton held America in the palm of his hand.  In absolutely withering detail, he delivered a thorough dismantling of everything that Republicans have been foisting on the America people since President Obama took office.  It was a lecture that America desperately needed to hear.  For forty-eight minutes, school was in session as Bill Clinton corrected the record of lies and inexactitudes promulgated by the likes of Romney, Ryan and the tea party.  

The performance was masterful, and the message he delivered was infinitely comprehensible to anyone paying attention.  Furthermore, Clinton delivered his message with the mentality that's hardly ever seen anymore, that of a "happy warrior."  Like Hubert Humphrey of days gone by, Bill Clinton loves the art of politicking.  For forty-eight minutes, America sat riveted as a rhetorical masterpiece was painted before our eyes.  It was a lecture for America.  It was like pushing a great, big reset button on the American body politic.

The major point of Clinton's speech on Wednesday night that will figure prominently in the days ahead is what Republicans in the Romney/Ryan budget plan to do to Medicaid.  Some time back, Ezra Klein, while guest-hosting the Ed Show, did a segment on this dirty, little secret of the Romney/Ryan budget.  That segment is still posted in the Media Center of this site.  I urge everyone to watch it if you haven't seen it already.  Tonight, Bill Clinton thrust that devastating secret into America's living rooms.  Over the next ten years, Republicans want to cut $1.4 trillion out of the Medicaid budget.  That's $140 billion every year--each year--for the next ten years. 

It's an attack on poor people and seniors.  It's an attack on nursing homes.  It's an attack on children.  It's an attack on us.  In a nutshell, it is the cold, icy grip represented by the grasping hand of tea partyism.  The electorate must swat it away.  America needs to swat it away.

Bill Clinton on Wednesday night delivered a stinging rebuke of tea partyism.  He defined it as a movement driven by hate and not ideas.  He defined it as a movement devoid of compassion and brimming with selfishness.  Day two of our convention is in the books.  Tomorrow we will have our big finish as Vice President Biden and President Obama take centerstage.  Watch it.  Enjoy it.  Revel in it.  And then take the message to your friends and neighbors and to those who just aren't paying attention.

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