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Democrats, we are on the right side of history!  Years from now when historians look back on this peculiar turn in our nation's politics, we will be able to hold our heads high.  We will have no need to be embarrassed.  We will not have to duck our heads and offer ashamed silence as our defense for shameful politics--the kind of politics Republicans have been waging since Barack Obama became President. 

Do you remember the final night of the Republican convention?  Do you remember how they used a language and tone of degradation, disrespect and disregard as they dressed down our President, as they torn down the Office of President itself?  Do you remember Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair and pretending to speak to an invisible Barack Obama?  Do you remember how Mitt Romney pretended to be President as he marched into the hall the way a president marches into the House chamber when giving a State of the Union address? 

Contrast their final night with the final night of our Democratic Convention that we have just witnessed.    You have night, and you have day.  You have storm, and you have sun.  You have cold, and you have warmth.  You have gloom, and you have hope.  You have dispassion, and you have compassion.  

As Democrats, we stand right where we want to be.  Proud.  Unified.  And Right!  We have in our midst a great leader, and as Democrats, we have a duty--a profound obligation--to make sure that the strident voices of unreasonable opposition do not rewrite this moment in our history.  That is what is at stake in this election. 

The Convention is over.  If you missed some of the speeches, I have posted nine of the major ones here--complete in their entirety--in Media Center, including the great speech from last night by President Obama.  Brarak Obama, the forty-fourth President of the United States, brought down the house in grand fashion.  Now... it's up to us.  You and me.  We have to roll up our sleeves and sprint to the finishing line.  Two months.  Barely sixty days.  Not only do we have to win this for Barack Obama, we have to win this for all the Democrats on down the line. 

But how, you say?  Simple.  Volunteer.  Make a donation.  Make calls.  Knock on doors.  Put up signs.  Don't back down when you hear lies.  Don't back down when you read lies.  Write letters.  Correct the record.  Push back.  Inform yourself. 

Locally, we're starting a series of phone banks next week.  Help is needed.  Two hours here.  Two hours there.  It adds up.  This is more important than anything else going on.  It's more important than attending a football game.  It's more important than going shopping.  It's more important than that other meeting.  And writing as a farmer, it's more important than getting out one more load of corn.  For two months, this... election stuff... is more important than almost everything else because we risk losing so much if we fail.  That's not hyperbole.  It's all in their platform.  That's their blueprint for a Draconian America, wherein tea partyism becomes the philosophy of the land.  If that chills you... good.   If you find that unsettling... good.  Don't sit idly by and let it happen.  Don't be an accomplice for the Party of the Stupid. 

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