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I have long maintained in this blog that the Republican Party is the Party of the Stupid.   If one freely spouts things insipid, the Party of the Stupid will welcome that individual with open arms.  If one professes ignorance of science, the Party of the Stupid will unroll the red carpet for you.  If one demonstrates intolerance towards another for reasons of race, gender, orientation, religion--or the lack thereof--the Party of the Stupid will strike up the band for you.

But the notion that the Republican Party is adequately described as the Party of the Stupid needs to be revised. It's no longer an apt description.  No, the Party of the Stupid has taken on a more twisted nature.  It has morphed into the Party of the Bizarre.  There's no other way to describe what has happened.

The Bergdahl situation is simply the latest.  Here we are on the eve of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, a truly momentous event in history, and Republicans are acting like this Bergdahl matter is the greatest crisis in history.    Seventy years ago we were in a time of true peril and danger for millions of people.  Whole countries were being destroyed.   Families around the world were being torn apart.  An entire race faced extinction.  It was definitely a time when there were things to get truly worked up about.

Using that as a standard of comparison, Sergeant Bergdahl and five Taliban who have been rotting in a tropical prison on a Cuban island for twelve years barely rates a quiver on the seismology scale of human history.  Republicans need to grow up!  Children are fine and dandy on the playground, but the seats of power run better when adults deliberate matters of governance.

Their orgy of hatred and anger toward President Obama simply must end.  Somehow through some supreme force of will, they must bury their racism--putting it back into the box from which it has escaped--and rejoin the sane and reasonable people of this nation.  If not, their erratic passions will consume them.

They are now fomenting about impeachment over the Bergdahl transfer.  No one has died because of this transfer.  No money has changed hands.  The world still spins on its axis.  The sun still converts hydrogen to helium.  The stars still shine at night.   But even before there's been an investigation,  even before Bergdahl gets to have his say or trial, even before he can get back to American soil and again see his parents--who, too, have been savaged--he has been trashed and trodden upon by the same people who thought the racist cattle rancher, Cliven Bundy, was a great hero.  Do the twits of twitter have no restraint?  Do the pack of baying hounds at Fox News have no inhibitions?  Have they become so addicted to the opiate of hate that they can't dare risk going cold turkey for fear of becoming irrelevant?

Paranoia, often an element of addiction, has seized Republicans.  They fear everything.  They're convinced that behind every bush, someone stands ready to jump out and shout, "Boo!"  They openly carry guns into restaurants.  They foam at the mouth if the EPA threatens to restrict carbon emissions.  Their intestines contort if their school children are asked to eat more carrots. 

And now, they harp about the threat posed by five out-of-the-loop Taliban who have been released.  Like wet hens, they flap about, convinced the country is in serious danger with these five former prisoners on the loose. Someone needs to remind them that this country crushed the Nazi war machine, saw Mussolini hanging in the streets of Rome and drove the Japanese back to their island.  Do five Taliban who will be going back to a war-torn country where the main resources are sand and dust and damn little water really pose any kind of threat to a country that is now wise to them?

Republicans no longer have an ideology.  They have only a weird theology guiding them.  It's a theology where absolute purity is required.  Anyone not meeting exacting standards risks expulsion. 

Their directives are simple.  Check your IQ at the door.  It's no longer required.  Just act crazy.  Others will do your thinking for you.  Others will tell you what to say, what to believe and how to behave.  And if you're a Republican running for office, don't worry.  Just spew nonsense.  No one will question you.  No one will ask you to explain or elaborate.  No one will trouble you for details.  Just blather a bit about God, freedom and guns and you'll probably be all right... that is until enough people finally get wise to you.  That day can't come soon enough.

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User Name: Jim Wolter   Date: 06/19/14

I've not ever read the Shelby County Democrat blog before tonight. I am proud to be with you in your efforts to bring back sensible political views. Keep up the great writing.

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